I’m a self taught London based artist and I express myself through varied medias, digital, painting and sketching, basically whatever I can get my hands on to test myself and feed my mind. My work is both bold and edgy and reflects an impressive crossover of art, fashion, and pop culture. 

I'm inspired by what feeds my mind which resulted in my name, Foodi. Art is for everyone and the approach to my work is with this in mind, it's relatable but also thought provoking.

I present to you my limited edition collection of original, edgy and thoughtfully artistic designs. The Foodi brand is less about being aspirational or inspirational, but, more about owning that fact that you are a free thinking mind and you, and only you, can own and control it.

I wish to enrich your buying experience with timeless pieces that I hope you will love now and in years to come, and that they hold their power to inspire you and others to think! The artwork is the food and the text the thought, together, food for thought. I consider the art conversation pieces, I've set the table and served the food, now you carry the conversation.

I believe in promoting “healthy clothing” within fashion so garments are certified 100% organic cotton and Fair Trade or vintage upscaled, with the commitment to improve on the environmental philosophy of the brand as the clothing editions continue. My packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

Garments come with both front & back print and to save on my carbon footprint all designing & printing are in London, UK.


       'I can't teach you anything, I can only make you think'